Top 5 Things to Check While Buying Whey Protein Supplements

Jun 19, 2021

Whey protein is the part of milk that is left behind in the cheese making process or fermentation process. Whey protein has become widely popular since some years and a lot of people are buying it. There are many whey protein supplement brands in India for health, and there are some things to keep in mind while selecting a product.

Check the Brand: Don’t go with unknown brands. Also, try to find out about how they manufacture the whey protein powder. The quality of the milk used, the conditions of manufacturing and processing all matter. It is best to go with a brand that has been certified and tested for quality.

Avoid Artificial Sweeteners / Refined Sugar: Like most of us know, refined sugar is said to be harmful to health. To deal with this problem, and to create a tasty product, many brands add artificial sweeteners to their powder. Artificial sweeteners are said to be harmful to the body and so it is better to avoid them too.

Check the Protein in Ingredient List: There are different kinds of whey proteins- Concentrate (least amount of protein and hence cheapest), Isolate (around 90% of protein) and Hydrolysate (pre-digestible form of protein and very expensive). If the ingredient list shows whey concentrate first and then shows isolate or hydrolysate, then it means that it has more of concentrate and a small amount of isolate or hydrolysate. Avoid such a product.

Check the Amino Acids for BCAA: There are three amino acids that are the main part of BCAA – Leucine, Valine and Isoleucine. Check the product for the BCAA amino acid details and go with one that has a higher quantity of them.

Be Careful About Fake Products: There are a lot of fake products in the market. To check the authenticity, always check the seal, the MRP tag, the barcode, the packaging quality, etc. Also, don’t buy from unknown places or people, even if they claim to provide discounts. Buy the product from an authorized dealer, or site.

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